00:01:31Journal of Previous Day
00:01:51RecognitionSenator Patton recognizing Olmsted Falls High School Volleyball Team as Division I State Champions
00:05:20RecognitionSenator Schaffer recognizing Samantha Swinehart as the Division I State Girls Golf Champion
00:09:04RecognitionSenator Ron Amstutz recognizing Judy Bailey for twenty years of service to the State of Ohio
00:18:15Message - HB 648
00:20:14Message - HB 635
00:22:14Message - HB 471
00:27:33Third Consideration - HB 79Steve Stivers, Dale Miller, Eric Kearney, Grendell
00:36:16Third Consideration - HB 209Grendell, Keith Faber, Dale Miller
00:42:59Third Consideration - HB 215Grendell, Nina Turner, Bill Seitz
00:52:40Third Consideration - HB 266Keith Faber, John Carey
00:58:02Third Consideration - HB 273Stephen Buehrer, Ray Miller, Dale Miller
01:06:30Third Consideration - HB 280Grendell, Teresa Fedor, Bill Seitz, Nina Turner, Goodman
01:27:24Third Consideration - HB 395Goodman
01:30:56Third Consideration - HB 427Kevin Coughlin
01:34:47Third Consideration - HB 444Steve Stivers
01:35:22Third Consideration - HB 522Goodman
01:38:44Introduction of Bills
01:39:24RecognitionMember Farewell to Senator Ron Amstutz by Senators John Carey, Sawyer and Harris
01:56:48RecognitionMember Farewell to Senator John Boccieri by Senators Ray Miller, Gary Cates and Harris
02:16:33RecognitionMember Farewell to Senator Peggy Lehner by Senator Harris
02:20:26RecognitionMember Farewell to Senator Larry Mumper by Senators Steve Austria, Wilson and Harris
02:41:02RecognitionMember Farewell to Senator Steve Austria by Senators Steve Stivers, John Boccieri and Harris
03:13:28Convene Session/InvocationPastor Steven Smith, Linworth Baptist Church, Worthington, OH
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