00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Reverend Thomas Wise, Valleyview Church, Dayton, OH
00:01:47Journal of Previous Day
00:02:06Recognition Tom Niehaus
00:02:41Recognition Nina Turner
00:03:18Recognition Cliff Hite
00:04:00Recognition Lou Gentile
00:04:17Recognition Troy Balderson
00:04:39Recognition Senator Hughes honoring The Ohio State University Football Team.Jim HughesCharleta B. TavaresKevin Bacon
00:16:53Recognition Senator Kevin Bacon honoring The Ohio State University Marching Band.Kevin Bacon
00:23:21Recognition Senator Capri S. Cafaro honoring Urban Meyer for his outstanding accomplishments.Capri CafaroLarry Obhof
00:33:17Consideration of House Amendment - SB 70Tim SchafferMichael SkindellTim SchafferMichael Skindell
00:41:50Consideration of House Amendment - SB 287Frank LaRoseCapri Cafaro
00:46:16Consideration of House Amendment - SB 333Larry Obhof
00:50:01Third Consideration - SB 327Bill BeagleCharleta B. TavaresEric Kearney
01:00:48Third Consideration - SB 330Joe Schiavoni
01:05:20Third Consideration - SB 417Kevin BaconEdna Brown
01:10:55Third Consideration - HB 420Bob Peterson
01:16:48Recognition Cliff Hite
01:17:21Third Consideration - HB 360Cliff HiteFrank LaRoseCliff HiteLou Gentile
01:25:23Third Consideration - HB 380Bill SeitzMichael SkindellBill SeitzKeith FaberMichael SkindellBill SeitzKeith FaberEric KearneyMichael SkindellLou GentileBill Seitz
02:05:10Third Consideration - HB 510Tim SchafferCharleta B. TavaresEric Kearney
02:28:10Third Consideration - HB 379Shannon Jones
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