00:00:00Convene Session/InvocationRev. Joe Hotchkiss, Gahanna Community Congregational Church, Gahanna, OH
00:01:53Journal of Previous Day
00:02:24RecognitionShaker Heights Girls Lacrosse Team, 2003 State Champions
00:14:57Third Consideration - SB 5Jeff Jacobson
00:20:07Third Consideration - SB 33Jeffry Armbruster
00:24:03Third Consideration - SB 91Nein, C. J. Prentiss
00:34:33Third Consideration - HB 108Louis Blessing
00:37:49Third Consideration - SB 80Steve Stivers, Goodman
00:59:04Third Consideration - SB 80Eric Fingerhut Amendment SC40, Steve Stivers, Herington
01:12:16Third Consideration - SB 80Marc Dann Amendment SF8
01:18:47Third Consideration - SB 80Marc Dann Amendment SF2, Steve Stivers, Herington, Marc Dann, Roberts, Jordan, Goodman, Jeff Jacobson, Steve Stivers, Marc Dann, Eric Fingerhut
02:03:21Third Consideration - SB 80Marc Dann Amendment SF6, Goodman, Hagan, Steve Stivers
02:16:54Third Consideration - SB 80Jordan Amendment SC33
02:21:07Third Consideration - SB 80Marc Dann Amendment SF7
02:26:09Third Consideration - SB 80Herington Amendment SF3, Marc Dann, Steve Stivers, Lynn Wachtmann, Herington
02:45:04Third Consideration - SB 80Herington Amendment SF1
02:49:06Third Consideration - SB 80Herington Amendment SF4, Jeff Jacobson, Herington
03:00:34Third Consideration - SB 80C. J. Prentiss Amendment SF10, Marc Dann
03:04:46Third Consideration - SB 80Eric Fingerhut, Marc Dann, Goodman, Herington, Lynn Wachtmann, Steve Stivers
03:51:12Introduction of Bills
03:51:19Resolution - SCR 7
03:52:21Resolution - HCR 12
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