00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Reverend Thomas Wise, Valleyview Church, Dayton, OH
00:01:58Journal of Previous Day
00:02:17Point of Personal Privilege Bill Beagle
00:04:16Point of Personal Privilege Jim Hughes
00:04:53Point of Personal Privilege Keith Faber
00:05:23Point of Personal Privilege Senator Keith Faber honoring Sheriff John Lenhart on being presented the 2015 Ferris E. Lucas Award for National Sheriff of the Year.Keith Faber
00:09:55Point of Personal Privilege Senator Kevin Bacon honoring Joyce Garver Keller on her retirement as the executive director of Ohio Jewish Communities.Kevin BaconKeith FaberCharleta B. TavaresJim Hughes
00:15:22Point of Personal Privilege Senator Hughes honoring the Ohio State School for the Blind marching band on being selected to participate in the 2015 National Memorial Day Parade.Jim Hughes
00:18:49Point of Personal Privilege Senator Hughes honoring The Ohio State University women¿s rowing team as the 2015 National Collegiate Athletic Association Champion.Jim HughesKevin BaconCharleta B. TavaresKris JordanBill Seitz
00:24:37Point of Personal Privilege Senator Hughes honoring the Ohio State University pistol team on winning the 2015 Pistol Intercollegiate National Championship.Jim HughesCharleta B. TavaresKevin BaconKris Jordan
00:28:35Point of Personal Privilege Senator Thomas honoring the Winthrow University High School girls track and field team on winning the 2015 Division I State Co-Championship.Cecil Thomas
00:33:53Point of Personal Privilege Senator Keith Faber honoring the Community Organizing Committee for its efforts to support the 2015 Major League Baseball All-Star Game.Keith FaberBill SeitzCecil ThomasShannon Jones
00:37:48Point of Personal Privilege Senator Troy Balderson honoring Kaylee Antill as a 2015 Division I State Track and Field Champion.Troy Balderson
00:41:00Point of Personal Privilege Senator Cliff Hite honoring the Defiance High School baseball team on placing first at the 2015 Division II State Championship.Cliff HiteKevin Bacon
00:47:06Point of Personal Privilege William P. Coley
00:47:44Point of Personal Privilege Senator Peggy Lehner honoring the Oakwood High School Academic Decathlon team as the 2015 United States Academic Decathlon Division III National Champion.Peggy Lehner
00:52:00Point of Personal Privilege Shannon Jones
00:55:51Third Consideration - HB 51Gayle Manning
00:59:44Third Consideration - HB 52Larry Obhof
01:00:23Third Consideration - HB 70Larry Obhof
01:00:51Third Consideration - HB 155John EklundShannon JonesKevin BaconCharleta B. Tavares
01:23:11Third Consideration - SB 63Frank LaRoseKenny Yuko
01:38:28Third Consideration - SB 127Peggy LehnerJay HottingerCharleta B. Tavares
01:59:04Third Consideration - SB 133Bill Beagle
02:03:03Third Consideration - SB 141
02:03:36Third Consideration - SB 141Dave BurkeGayle Manning
02:10:02Third Consideration - SB 152Chris Widener
02:10:37Third Consideration - HB 70Peggy LehnerTom SawyerJoe SchiavoniPeggy LehnerChris WidenerCecil ThomasCharleta B. TavaresBill SeitzPeggy LehnerMichael SkindellMichael SkindellTom SawyerKenny YukoEdna BrownJohn EklundFrank LaRoseEdna BrownCecil ThomasCliff Hite
03:18:22Introduction of Bills
03:20:13Point of Personal Privilege Peggy Lehner
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