00:00:00Convene Session/InvocationFather Paul Noble, St. Matthew The Apostle Church, Gahanna, OH
00:01:25Journal of Previous Day
00:02:47RecognitionSenator Chris Widener recognizing the Kenton Ridge High School Bowling Team as State Champions.
00:06:13RecognitionSenator John Carey recognizing the Bicentennials for Clinton and Fayette counties.
00:09:44RecognitionSenator Kevin Coughlin requesting a moment of silence for Gunnery Sgt. Robert Gilbert.
00:12:20RecognitionSenator Karen L. Gillmor requesting a moment of silence for Arthur Jibilian.
00:14:05RecognitionSenator Smith requesting a moment of silence for Senator Capri S. Cafaro's grandmother.
00:25:56Consideration of House Amendment - SB 77Goodman, Grendell, Eric Kearney
00:32:19Third Consideration - HB 48Hughes, Teresa Fedor, Bill Seitz, Grendell
00:45:46Third Consideration - HB 102Karen L. Gillmor, Sue Morano
00:52:33Third Consideration - HB 313Teresa Fedor, Joe Schiavoni
01:01:32Third Consideration - HB 414Bob Gibbs
01:09:02Third Consideration - HB 462John Carey
01:12:41Third Consideration - SB 35Stewart, Sue Morano, Teresa Fedor, Jon Husted, Fred Strahorn, Ray Miller, Bill Seitz
01:54:22Third Consideration - SB 150Gary Cates, Teresa Fedor, Hughes
02:08:11Third Consideration - SB 192Bill Seitz, Sawyer, Gary Cates
02:27:48RecognitionSenator Tom Niehaus requesting a moment of silence for former Ohio Supreme Court Justice Frank Celebrezze
02:30:29Introduction of Bills
02:32:29Consideration of House Amendment - SB 165Tom Niehaus, Grendell
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