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House Session - February 8, 2012

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13:33:04Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Pastor Bruce Morrison of Heritage Memorial Church in Washington Court House, a guest of Rep. Peterson
13:37:32Resolution - HR 247
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Rep. McGregor honoring the Wittenberg University women's volleyball team as the 2011 NCAA Div. III National Champion
13:44:51Resolution - HR 265
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Reps. Schuring and Wachtmann honoring Aristotle L. Hutras on his retirement
13:56:55Journal of Previous Day
13:57:15Introduction of Bills
13:59:00Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 14 (S)
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Louis Blessing, Barbara Sears, Matt Szollosi
14:08:29Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 32 (S)
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Louis Blessing, Ron Amstutz
14:10:48Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 185
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Sean O'Brien, Dave Hall
14:13:52Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 267 (S)
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Louis Blessing, Danny Bubp
14:19:21Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 268 (S)
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Louis Blessing, Matt Szollosi
14:22:07Reports Louis Blessing
14:24:05Motion Louis Blessing
14:25:10Motion Louis Blessing
14:26:43Motion John Adams, Tracy Maxwell Heard
14:27:33Message - SB 223 Louis Blessing
14:28:12Third Consideration - HB 292 (S)
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Anne Gonzales
14:31:55Third Consideration - HB 365 (S)
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Peter Beck, Mike Dovilla, Michael Foley, Peter Beck, Matt Huffman
14:44:22Third Consideration - SCR 11
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Gerald Stebelton, Clayton Luckie
14:50:43RecognitionRep. Anielski with a point of personal privilege