Ohio House Health Committee - 11-19-2019

H. B. No. 364 Rep. G. Manning To designate February 13 as "Aortic Aneurysm Awareness Day." 2nd Hearing PV All Testimony H.B. No. 383 Rep. Clites To designate March as "Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month." 1st Hearing Sponsor Testimony H.B. No. 151 Rep. Carfagna Affects chiropractors-loan repayment program/revise law 4th Hearing PS All Testimony H.B. No. 177 Rep. Brinkman Regards standard care arrangements and prescribing requirements 5th Hearing PS All Testimony H.B. No. 338 Rep. Greenspan Enacts Mental Health Awareness and Comm. Violence Protection Act 2nd Hearing Proponent/IP H.B. No. 365 Rep. G. Manning To revise the requirements for a chemical dependency counselor II license. 2nd Hearing Proponent/IP H.B. No. 341 Rep. Ginter Regards administering addiction treatment drugs 3rd Hearing All Testimony H.B. No. 40 Rep. Galonski, Rep. West Regards testing pregnant women for sex transmitted diseases 3rd Hearing Opponent/IP H.B. No. 214 Rep. Brown Regards prescription drug readers for visually impaired patients 2nd Hearing Proponent/IP
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