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Music's Brewing @ Coffee Amici - Season Two Compilation
Fred Shafer performing "Letting You Go"

Katie Watkins and Pat Watkins performing "Lovers of Old, Bands of Gold"
and "Autumn Anthem"

J.D. Owen performing " Keep Your Feet on the Ground"

Brad Roll performing "Resolutions"

Rod Capps and Annie Capps performing "Honey, Sugar, Baby, Mine"

Nathaniel Seer performing "The Dark Will Come" and "Hate Song"

Scott Stiert, Dave Heltzel and Mike Calenmeister as Plank Road performing "Chasin' The Sun"

Chris Shutters and Scott Fish as Shutter Fish performing "Prisoner" and "Kentucky Girl"

Tom Cadaret performing "The City We Built"

Chavar Dontae, Joe Boes, Matthew Schieferstein and Jason Gahler in the band Chavar Dontae performing "Flawed"
April 9, 2009