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00:00:11The Capitol Atrium was completed in 1994
00:00:15as a connector between the Statehouse and the Senate building.
00:00:19Once merely an open space that was used as a walkway,
00:00:22the Atrium now serves as a convenient gathering place
00:00:26for press conferences, special events, and even wedding receptions.
00:00:32The Atrium now provides visitors and employees
00:00:35with much-needed shelter from the rain, snow, sun, and humidity.
00:00:39Great care was taken to ensure that the Atrium was secondary,
00:00:43yet complementary, to the Statehouse and the Senate building.
00:00:48In fact, the Atrium is a self-supporting structure,
00:00:51touching other buildings only at the roofline, along the walls,
00:00:55and where the second-story walkways enter the buildings.
00:00:59The limestone used in all three buildings came from the same
00:01:03vein of stone in western Columbus.
00:01:05You'll notice the bronze plaque on one of the columns
00:01:09honoring Abraham Lincoln's first visit to the Ohio Statehouse.
00:01:13In 1859, Abraham Lincoln spoke to a small group of Ohioans
00:01:19from what was then the east terrace of the Statehouse.
00:01:22His visit to Ohio took place shortly after the famous
00:01:26Lincoln-Douglass debates.
00:01:28Before the Atrium was constructed, this space was home
00:01:31to a number of pigeons which congregated in the area.
00:01:35Perched atop the roof and ledges, the pigeons made crossing
00:01:39to and from the buildings an interesting challenge.
00:01:43You'll notice above the Senate door today,
00:01:46only a stuffed pigeon oversees the interior of the Atrium.
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