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00:00:11The Rotunda is the center of the building,
00:00:14and perhaps the most impressive space in the entire Statehouse.
00:00:18We suggest that you lean way back, and look up slowly,
00:00:22taking in the design and the colors
00:00:24as your eyes travel along the wall to the top.
00:00:28From top to bottom, the Rotunda is 120 feet.
00:00:32There is room in this space for a ten story building.
00:00:37The artwork and decorations in the Rotunda are all intended
00:00:40to tell stories about Ohio and to be reminders of people and events
00:00:45that were significant in our state's history and heritage.
00:00:49High atop the Rotunda is a version of the state seal in 1861
00:00:53rendered in stained glass.
00:00:57The original architects to the Statehouse communicated
00:00:59powerful messages about the State of Ohio
00:01:02and what took place in the building.
00:01:05In taking so much time and effort to build a structure this large
00:01:08and ornate, the citizens of Ohio announced to the world
00:01:12that this state would accomplish great things.
00:01:15When the Statehouse was completed in 1861,
00:01:18it was second only to the U.S. Capitol building in size.
00:01:22In fact, the legislative chambers used by the Ohio House and Senate
00:01:26were larger than the meeting rooms
00:01:28of their Federal colleagues in Washington.
00:01:32The final cost of the building was more than $1 million,
00:01:35an astronomical sum in that era.
00:01:38The scope of the building can truly be appreciated when considering
00:01:41the fact that the population of the greater Columbus area now,
00:01:45roughly one million people,
00:01:47was the population of the entire state in 1861.
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