00:00:01Reconvene Session
00:00:02Am. Sub. H. B. No. 9
00:00:56Testimony - Dave Quattrocchi, Carrrollton Exempted Village School District
00:05:46Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:07:20Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:12:31Q&A - Sen. Peterson
00:17:31Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:17:52Q&A - Rep. Robinson
00:23:21Q&A - Sen. Fedor
00:28:13Q&A - Sen. Peterson
00:28:13Q&A - Sen. Peterson
00:31:31Q&A - Rep. Jones
00:32:14Testimony - Will Hampton, Marietta City Schools
00:37:52Q&A - Sen. Roegner
00:40:01Q&A - Rep. Edwards
00:43:53Q&A - Sen. Fedor
00:47:04Q&A - Sen. Peterson
00:50:45Testimony - Susie Kaeser, League of Women Voters
00:59:38Q&A - Sen. Fedor
01:01:30Testimony - Kayla Walton, Saint Mary School Columbus, OH
01:03:30Testimony - Christopher Cade, Saint Mary School Columbus, OH
01:04:58Testimony - Kayla Walton, Saint Mary School Columbus, OH
01:07:13Testimony - Steve Morbitzer, Saint Mary School Columbus, OH
01:09:41Testimony - Kayla Walton, Saint Mary School Columbus, OH
01:17:13Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:20:22Q&A - Rep. Robinson
01:24:01Q&A - Sen. Fedor
01:29:44Q&A - Sen. Peterson
01:33:46Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:36:06Q&A - Rep. Jones
01:41:31Testimony - Tommie Radd, Interested Party
01:46:03Q&A - Sen. Roegner
01:48:17Q&A - Sen. Fedor
01:50:38Q&A - Rep. Robinson
01:54:52Q&A - Sen. Peterson
02:01:52Testimony - Dan Heintz, Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District
02:08:28Testimony - Malia Lewis, Cleveland Heights-University Heights School District
02:29:01Q&A - Rep. Jones
02:29:01Q&A - Rep. Jones
02:34:47Q&A - Rep. Robinson
02:41:58Q&A - Sen. Fedor
02:48:03Q&A - Sen. Peterson
02:48:45Q&A - Sen. Roegner
02:58:46Q&A - Sen. Fedor
02:59:44Q&A - Sen. Roegner
03:00:09Q&A - Rep. Jones
03:03:41Testimony - Kate Knox, Interested Party
03:12:25Q&A - Sen. Roegner
03:17:35Q&A - Rep. Robinson
03:20:05Q&A - Sen. Peterson
03:21:43Q&A - Rep. Jones
03:24:17Comment - Sen. Peterson
03:26:52Comment - Sen. Roegner
03:27:16Comment - Rep. Jones
03:27:52Testimony - Carrie Nichols
03:30:47Q&A - Rep. Robinson
03:31:09Q&A - Sen. Roegner
03:32:15Q&A - Sen. Peterson
03:32:47Q&A - Rep. Jones
03:34:20Q&A - Sen. Roegner
03:36:07Testimony - Terry Grode, North Olmstead Board of Education
03:43:12Q&A - Sen. Roegner
03:47:55Q&A - Sen. Fedor
03:49:57Q&A - Rep. Jones
03:53:01Testimony - Corine doll, Tipp City Schools
04:01:38Q&A - Sen. Peterson
04:03:04Q&A - Rep. Jones
04:05:08Comment - Sen. Roegner
04:05:54Testimony - Renee Davis, Workforce Academy
04:12:28Q&A - Sen. Fedor
04:18:02Q&A - Sen. Roegner
04:20:00Q&A - Rep. Jones
04:26:45Q&A - Sen. Roegner
04:28:41Q&A - Rep. Jones
04:29:41Comment - Sen. Peterson
04:30:40Comment - Sen. Roegner
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