00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:09Welcoming of New Members
00:01:18Walter, Blane
00:01:50Update on JobsOhio Talent Acquisition Strategy
00:04:40Clouse, Kristi
00:09:21Hay, Cheryl
00:24:15Walter, Blane
00:24:30Hay, Cheryl
00:25:11Franks, Dennis
00:25:23Hay, Cheryl
00:25:31Sen. Williams
00:25:48Hay, Cheryl
00:28:07Parker, Phil
00:30:06Hay, Cheryl
00:32:25Stoff, Richard
00:34:31Minor, John
00:35:33Rep. Timothy Derickson
00:36:15Walter, Blane
00:37:15Update on Industry Workforce Alliance
00:48:27Stoff, Richard
00:49:59Harbrecht, Sandy
00:51:10Franz, Christina
00:51:30Stoff, Richard
00:51:53Harbrecht, Sandy
00:52:15Parker, Phil
00:52:49Harbrecht, Sandy
00:53:12Franz, Christina
00:55:15Success Stories
00:58:10Harbrecht, Sandy
00:58:45Sen. Williams
00:59:05Harbrecht, Sandy
01:00:13Sen. Williams
01:00:27Harbrecht, Sandy
01:00:58Stoff, Richard
01:02:16Harbrecht, Sandy
01:02:46Franz, Christina
01:03:16Walter, Blane
01:03:50Continual Update on Industry Workforce Alliance
01:18:42Experiences with Manufacturing Readiness Program
01:21:00Borza, Jessica
01:22:07Sen. Williams
01:22:20Day, Jaira
01:23:45Sen. Williams
01:24:02Borza, Jessica
01:25:08Robert Sprague, Jeff
01:27:51Arthur, Doug
01:42:23Tracie, Sanchez
01:45:22Arthur, Doug
01:46:22Walter, Blane
01:46:36Robert Sprague, Jeff
01:47:33Stoff, Richard
01:49:14Sen. Williams
01:49:53Patton, Joe
01:51:01Arthur, Doug
01:52:00Whitehead, David
01:52:22Patton, Joe
01:53:07Arthur, Doug
01:53:32Patton, Joe
01:54:27Parker, Phil
01:55:58Blache, Ian
02:08:36Ervin, Tammi
02:11:47Walter, Blane
02:12:26Update on Adult Diploma Program
02:16:47Fife, Carrie
02:17:24Cottrell, Shawn
02:20:00Koster, Phil
02:20:31Fife, Carrie
02:23:02Gratz, Steve
02:24:15Sen. Williams
02:24:27Fife, Carrie
02:25:08Sen. Williams
02:25:21Gratz, Steve
02:26:29Franks, Dennis
02:26:50Burgess, Ryan
02:27:19Franks, Dennis
02:27:36Final Comments
02:27:53Meeting Adjourned
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