00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Steven Shaw, a guest of Rep. Hayes
00:03:07Resolution - HR 345Rep. James Butler honoring the Oakwood High School Academic Decathlon team as the 2012 state champions
00:07:01Resolution - HR 293Rep. Martin honoring Brittany Lawson as a state and national Karate champion
00:09:49Resolution - HR 333Rep. Clayton Luckie honoring the Dunbar High School boys basketball team as the 2012 Div. II state champion
00:13:09Resolution - HR 334Rep. Clayton Luckie honoring the Dunbar High School boys indoor track and field team as the 2012 Div II state champion
00:24:03Journal of Previous Day
00:24:27Introduction of Bills
00:25:49Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 18Nan BakerDennis MurrayTom LetsonJohn Patrick CarneyMichael FoleyNan BakerMichael FoleyNan Baker
00:49:52Motion John AdamsTracy Maxwell Heard
00:50:39Resolution - HB 325Relative to the election of Matt LynchLouis Blessing
00:52:43Swearing In Rep. Matt Lynch swearing in
00:57:37Resolution - HR 326Relative to the election of Ryan SmithLouis Blessing
00:59:47Swearing In Ryan Smith swearing in
01:03:27Third Consideration - HB 327Anne Gonzales
01:08:12Third Consideration - HCR 33Timothy DericksonCraig NewboldJay Goyal
01:16:23Third Consideration - HB 396Ross McGregorDennis Murray
01:27:43Third Consideration - SB 268Ron Young
01:32:04Recognition Rep Nickie J. Antonio with a point of personal privilege
01:35:12Recognition Point of personal privilege to honor the lives of 4 national guardsmen from Ohio: Mst. Sgt. Shawn Hannon, SSgt. Christopher Brown, Mst. Sgt. Nicholas Reick, Capt. Nicholas RozanskiCheryl GrossmanMichael StinzianoTed CelesteMike Duffey
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