00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Jim McComas a guest of Rep. Ron Amstutz
00:04:48Resolution - HR 37Speaker William Batchelder honoring Sandridge Food Corporation on receiving a 2011 Edison Center Award for Excellence
00:07:55Resolution - HR 234Rep. Lorraine Fende honoring the Kirkland High School Football team as the 2011 Div. V State Champions
00:15:21Resolution - HR 236Rep. Mike Duffey honoring the Thomas Worthington High School field hockey team on winning the 2011 Div. I State Championship
00:18:34Resolution - HR 237Rep. Richard Adams honoring the Miami East High School girls volleyball team as the 2011 Div. III State Champion
00:22:24Recognition Rep. Thompson with a point of personal privilege
00:27:05Journal of Previous Day
00:27:23Introduction of Bills
00:31:47Third Consideration - SB 165John AdamsDan RamosJohn Patrick CarneyJohn AdamsJohn Patrick CarneyJohn AdamsTed CelesteJohn CareyTom LetsonJohn Patrick CarneyDebbie PhillipsClayton LuckieRon AmstutzMatt Lundy Nickie AntonioTeresa FedorGerald StebeltonBarbara SearsMatt Lundy Ronald GerberryTerry BooseRonald GerberryClayton LuckieGerald Stebelton
01:29:47Third Consideration - HB 207Tom LetsonJohn CareyDave HallAndy Thompson
01:42:09Resignation Lou GentileDave HallSean O'BrienWilliam Batchelder
01:49:38Third Consideration - HB 24Courtney Eric CombsRoland WinburnTom Letson
01:57:37Third Consideration - HB 349Ross McGregorCourtney Eric CombsRobert Hagan
02:07:27Third Consideration - HB 276Jim BuchyTed CelesteDebbie Phillips
02:16:46Third Consideration - SB 155Matt HuffmanAndy ThompsonTerry JohnsonTed Celeste
02:23:21Recognition Rep. Connie Pillich with a point of personal privilege
02:25:49Recognition Rep. Terry Boose with a point of personal privilege
02:26:28Recognition Rep. Clayton Luckie with a point of personal privilege
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