00:02:22Resolution - HR 279Rep. Tony Burkley honoring the Defiance High School boys cross country team as the 2013 Div. II State Championship
00:04:25Resolution - HR 95Reps. Hood and Gary Scherer honoring the Ohio Christian University men's basketball team on winning the 2013 NCCAA Div. II Tournament
00:07:27Resolution - HR 304Reps. Fred Strahorn, Blair and James Butler honoring Robert A. Chaney on being presented with the 2013 U.S. Professor of Year Award
00:09:33Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Chaplain Tom McCullough, State Director of the Capitol Commission, a guest of Rep. Huffman
00:09:58Resolution - HR 73Rep. Jim Buchy honoring Michael Davidson as the 2013 State Bowling Champion
00:12:01Resolution - HR 207Rep. Jim Buchy honoring the Versailles High School girls track and field team on winning the 2013 Div. III State Championship.
00:13:57Recess - HR 300Rep. Jim Buchy honoring the Versailles High School girls volleyball team on winning the 2013 Div. II State Championship
00:18:21Journal of Previous Day
00:18:37Introduction of Bills
00:22:47Third Consideration - SB 68Barbara Sears
00:23:30Third Consideration - SB 201Terry Blair
00:27:15Third Consideration - SB 206Barbara SearsRon AmstutzMichael FoleyRon AmstutzMichael FoleyJohn Patrick CarneyBarbara SearsNickie AntonioDenise DriehausMichael FoleyBarbara SearsJohn AdamsMatt Lundy Barbara SearsRobert HaganJohn AdamsDan RamosBarbara SearsJohn AdamsChris RedfernRoss McGregorBarbara SearsTom Letson
01:53:52Third Consideration - SB 68Terry BlairGerald StebeltonChris RedfernGerald StebeltonMatt Lundy Jim BuchyMatt HuffmanRonald GerberryGerald StebeltonRonald GerberryGerald StebeltonRonald GerberryGerald StebeltonChris RedfernGerald Stebelton
02:29:10Third Consideration - SCR 8James Butler
02:33:31Third Consideration - SCR 14Terry BlairChris Redfern
02:36:30Third Consideration - HB 74Marlene Anielski
02:40:41Third Consideration - HB 173Lou TerharDale Mallory Kevin BoyceLou TerharBarbara SearsTom LetsonConnie PillichKevin BoyceMatt Lundy Lou Terhar
03:13:09Third Consideration - HB 215Anthony DeVitisJohn Patrick CarneyAnthony DeVitisJohn Patrick Carney
03:22:11Third Consideration - HCR 40Kirk SchuringDan Ramos
03:30:10Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 83Robert Hackett
03:32:54Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 177Dorothy Pelanda
03:36:15Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Margaret Conditt with a point of personal privilege
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