00:04:22ResolutionRep. Stephen Dyer honoring the Green High School Academic Challenge team as the 2009 Ohio Academic Challenge State Champions
00:07:09Resolution Rep. Bruce Goodwin Honoring the Defiance High School Boys 4x800 meter relay team as the 2009 Div. II State Champion
00:10:32RecognitionRep. Watchmann honors guests
00:11:25Resolution Rep. W. Carlton Weddington Honoring Taylor Wayne as a 2009 winner of the MLK Statewide Oratorical Contest
00:16:52ResolutionReps. Allan Sayre, Mark Okey Honoring the Indian Valley High School baseball team as the 2009 Div. III State Champion
00:20:11ResolutionReps. Dan Dodd, Jay Hottinger Honoring the Lakewood High School softball team as the Div. III State Champion
00:23:41ResolutionRep. Harris Honoring C. Brent Devore on his retirement as president of Otterbein College
00:29:14Journal of Previous Day
00:29:35Introduction of Bills
00:29:55Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 15Sykes, Dan Dodd, Jay Hottinger
00:36:37Resolution - HR 119Matt Szollosi
00:37:23Resolution - HR 107In Memory of the Honorable Bob Robert Schuler, by Reps. Stautberg, Ronald Gerberry
00:46:47Third Consideration - SB 57Matt Szollosi
00:47:13Third Consideration - HB 10Brown
00:50:00Convene Session/InvocationPrayer by Rep. Stautberg
00:55:32Third Consideration - HB 156Matt Szollosi
00:56:06Third Consideration - HB 190Lorraine Fende
00:59:45Third Consideration - HJR 2Allan Sayre, Ruhl, Michael J. Skindell, Tyrone Yates
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