00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Darrell Davis, a guest of Rep. Michael Stinziano
00:03:44Resolution - HR 402Honoring Debby Hutras on her retirement from state service
00:08:27Resolution - HR 381Rep Heard honoring Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School as a 2012 Grammy Signature School
00:17:57Journal of Previous Day
00:18:16Introduction of Bills
00:18:59Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 508Peter BeckRon Amstutz
00:25:24Conference Committee Report - HB 386Louis BlessingRonald GerberryRon AmstutzLouis Blessing
00:35:35Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 508Peter Beck
00:39:02Motion John AdamsTracy Maxwell Heard
00:39:40Third Consideration - HB 543Marlene AnielskiNickie Antonio
00:47:41Third Consideration - HB 524Ross McGregorLouis BlessingTracy Maxwell Heard
01:15:05Third Consideration - HB 484Mike DuffeyNickie AntonioRon YoungMatt SzollosiMike DuffeyKenny YukoMatt HuffmanGary Scherer
01:41:28Third Consideration - HB 461Gerald StebeltonDennis MurrayGerald Stebelton
01:49:46Recognition Rep. Huffman with a point of personal privilege
01:51:44Third Consideration - HB 420Michael StinzianoDave HallLynn Wachtmann
02:02:04Third Consideration - HB 259Kenny YukoJohn Adams
02:11:34Third Consideration - HR 305Mike DovillaDebbie PhillipsMichael FoleyJarrod MartinMike DovillaMatt HuffmanRobert HaganDanny BubpMichael FoleyLynn WachtmannTeresa Fedor
02:37:23Third Consideration - SB 315Peter StautbergMatt Lundy Peter StautbergMark OkeyPeter StautbergMatt HuffmanSandra WilliamsPeter StautbergSandra WilliamsPeter StautbergDave HallDan RamosMichael StinzianoRobert HaganJack CeraTom LetsonPeter StautbergDave HallMatt HuffmanRobert HaganPeter StautbergMatt HuffmanMichael FoleyPeter StautbergMatt HuffmanConnie PillichPeter StautbergConnie PillichMatt HuffmanJack CeraPeter StautbergMatt HuffmanConnie PillichPeter StautbergMichael FoleyPeter StautbergMatt HuffmanRobert HaganLynn WachtmannDave HallSandra WilliamsPeter StautbergMatt HuffmanSean O'BrienBill PatmonTom Letson
04:39:53Third Consideration - SB 316Matt Huffman
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