00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Wendell Conning, a guest of Rep. Wes Retherford
00:02:36Resolution - HR 83Reps. Jim Buchy, Sears and Manning, Honoring BASF on its One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary
00:06:12Resolution - HR 100Rep. James Butler honoring the Archbishop Alter High School girls basketball team on winning the 2015 Div. II State CHampionship
00:07:51Resolution - HR 76Rep. Michael Henne honoring the Wayne High School boys basketball team as the 2015 Div. I State Champion
00:12:32Resolution - HR 29Rep. Anne Gonzales honoring Blendon Township on its Two Hundredth Anniversary
00:14:40Resolution - HR 96Rep. Al Landis honoring Eric Toukonen as the 2015 Ohio Division II Wrestling Coach of the Year
00:16:09Resolution - HR 97Rep. Al Landis honoring Tyler Warner as a 2015 Div. II State Wrestling Champion
00:18:44Resolution - HR 90Reps Andrew Brenner, Schaffer and Louis Blessing recognizing National Charter Schools Week, May 3-9, 2015
00:20:50Resolution - HR 98Reps. David Leland and Rick Perales honoring Katie Brosmer and David Borden as the 2015 Ohio Big Sister and Big Brother of the Year
00:28:43Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Robert McColley with a point of personal privilege
00:31:37Journal of Previous Day
00:31:48Introduction of Bills
00:33:44Third Consideration - HB 93Nan BakerAl LandisKathleen ClydeBarbara SearsDorothy Pelanda
00:41:57Third Consideration - HB 141Steve HambleyKevin Boyce
00:47:48Third Consideration - HCR 9Terry BooseNan BakerDan RamosDebbie PhillipsTerry Boose
00:58:00Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Kraus thanking his intern for her service
00:59:27Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Kathleen Clyde recognizing the 45th anniversary of the May 4th Kent State shootings
01:01:52Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Bill Patmon recognizing his office assistant
01:02:54Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Robert Sprague recognizing his legislative aide
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