00:00:05Convene Session
00:00:06Roll Call
00:01:07H. B. No. 172
00:01:11Amendment - Rep. Hillyer
00:02:01H. B. No. 466
00:02:26H. B. No. 390
00:02:33Testimony - Branden Meyer, Ohio Clerks of Courts Association
00:07:12Q&A - Rep. Stewart
00:08:24Testimony - Daniel J. Dew, Pacific Legal Foundation
00:15:28Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
00:17:15Q&A - Rep. Stewart
00:21:53Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:25:40Q&A - Timothy Dietz, Self Storage Association
00:27:43Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:30:56H. B. No. 281
00:30:58Testimony - Fred Gittes, Protecting Ohio's Employees and the Ohio Employment Lawyers Association
00:44:07Q&A - Rep. Brown
00:46:33Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:51:14Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:59:00Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:02:34Q&A - Rep. Stewart
01:07:33At Ease
01:07:52Testimony - Martin P. Desmond, Opponent
01:22:38Q&A - Rep. Brown
01:24:48Q&A - Rep. Stewart
01:32:42Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
01:33:56Testimony - Konrad Kircher, Ohio Association for Justice
01:41:30Q&A - Rep. Hillyer
01:42:54H.B. No. 403
01:43:00Testimony - Tom Balzer, Ohio Trucking Association
01:45:31Testimony - Joe Hollabaugh, Association of Professional Towers - Ohio (APTO)
01:47:01H. B. No. 212
01:47:06Testimony - Charles A. "Chip" Brigham III, Ohio Land Title Association
01:49:57Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
01:54:24Testimony - Michael Lucci, State Armor Action
02:00:20Testimony - Adam Savin, America First Policy Institute
02:05:04Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
02:09:05Testimony - Rep. Bernard Willis
02:19:38Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
02:23:44Testimony - Rick Perales, Proponent
02:30:12Testimony - Evan Callicoat, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
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