00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:04Roll Call
00:00:55H. B. No. 183
00:01:14Testimony - Christopher P. Finney, Proponent
00:10:21Testimony - Laura Strietmann, Cincinnati Right to Life
00:23:07Comments - Rep. Schmidt
00:23:44H. B. No. 283
00:23:52Amendment - Rep. Abrams
00:25:42Comments - Rep. Seitz
00:28:30Amendment - Vote
00:29:07Q&A - Rep. White
00:29:52Q&A - Rep. Abrams
00:30:14Amendment - Rep. Abrams
00:31:42Testimony - Dominic Tiberi, Maria Tiberi Foundation
00:37:50Q&A - Rep. A. Miller
00:41:37Comments - Rep. Plummer
00:43:21Testimony - Dean Fadel, Ohio Insurance Institute
00:49:42Q&A - Rep. A. Miller
00:52:45H. B. No. 319
00:53:02Testimony - Rep. Tracy Richardson
00:59:02Testimony - Rep. Tavia Galonski
00:59:45Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:04:03Q&A - Rep. A. Miller
01:06:06Q&A - Rep. Ray
01:07:04Q&A - Rep. White
01:08:19H. B. No. 64
01:08:29Amendment - Rep. Seitz
01:10:25Sub. S. B. No. 25
01:11:02Amendment - Rep. Seitz
01:12:14Testimony - Paul A. Dobson, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association
01:23:13Testimony - Thomas Stuber, Ohio Alliance of Recovery Providers
01:28:40Testimony - Michael Weinmann, Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio
01:30:14Testimony - Louis Tobin, Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association
01:30:56Q&A - Rep. Leland
01:33:38Q&A - Rep. Swearingen
01:35:09Comments - Rep. Leland
01:37:05H. B. No. 504
01:37:17Testimony - Mike Rodgers, Ohio Attorney General's Office
01:39:54Testimony - Howie Beigelman, Ohio Jewish Communities
01:47:12Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:51:34Q&A - Rep. A. Miller
01:53:43Testimony - Jerry Freewalt, Catholic Conference of Ohio
02:01:12H. B. No. 418
02:01:27Testimony - David Gast, Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney's Office
02:09:19Q&A - Rep. White
02:11:34Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
02:14:09Q&A - Rep. A. Miller
02:17:42Q&A - Rep. Ray
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