00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:03Roll Call
00:00:53H. B. No. 572
00:00:57Testimony - Megan Kelley, Ohio Assisted Living Association
00:08:30Q&A - Rep. Grendell
00:10:00Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
00:11:57Q&A - Rep. Ginter
00:14:56H. B. No. 572 - Vote
00:15:50H. B. No. 560
00:15:53Testimony - Amy Albery, Wallick Communities
00:20:42Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
00:23:49Testimony - Jon Melchi, Building Industry Association of Central Ohio
00:30:09Q&A - Rep. Liston
00:33:00Testimony - Tony Long, Ohio Chamber of Commerce
00:36:10Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:39:14H. B. No. 496
00:39:18Substitute Bill - Rep. Manchester
00:39:29Testimony - Rep. Kyle Koehler
00:49:28Q&A - Rep. Liston
00:51:54Q&A - Rep. John
00:55:05Testimony - Amy Burkett, MD FACOG, ACOK & The Ohio State Medical Association
01:01:13Q&A - Rep. John
01:01:33Q&A - Rep. Ginter
01:05:52Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:08:07Testimony - Freida Miller, Community Midwives of Ohio
01:15:58Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
01:18:45Q&A - Rep. John
01:20:30Q&A - Rep. Grendell
01:23:01Q&A - Rep. Cutrona
01:24:43Testimony - Pamela Kolanz, Community Midwives of Ohio
01:35:04Testimony - Monica Honeycutt, Opponent
01:42:17Q&A - Rep. Cutrona
01:44:07Q&A - Rep. John
01:45:52Testimony - Sarah Weaver, Opponent
01:52:10Testimony - Melinda McCoy, Opponent
02:02:28Testimony - Meghan Nowland, Buckeye Birth Coalition
02:06:04Q&A - Rep. Manchester
02:08:46Q&A - Rep. Liston
02:11:24Testimony - Nicole A. Young C.PM. L.M., Fellow Midwives and Homebirth Mothers
02:21:28Testimony - Lisa M. Hachey, DNP, APRN-CNM, Ohio Affiliate American College of Nurse Midwives
02:32:19Testimony - Maurice A. Thompson, 1851 Center for Constitutional Law
02:44:43Testimony - Michelle Zamudio, Interested Party
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