00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:01:20H. B. No. 259
00:01:50Testimony - Rep. Jean Schmidt
00:12:48Testimony - Rep. Adam Miller
00:17:16Q&A - Rep. Grim
00:20:39Q&A - Rep. Richardson
00:21:29Q&A - Rep. Ghanbari
00:24:56H. B. No. 244
00:25:25Testimony - Edward Myers, Goshen Township Fire and EMS
00:29:37Testimony - Bob Rose, Goshen Township
00:34:23Testimony - Dan Hodges, Goshen Township
00:37:42Testimony - Lisa Allen, Goshen Township
00:40:36Testimony - Robert Hausermann, Goshen Township
00:43:37Q&A - Rep. Troy
00:45:53Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:51:55Q&A - Rep. Isaacsohn
00:54:16Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
00:57:59Sub. H. B. No. 7
00:58:43Substitute Bill - Rep. LaRe
00:59:14Testimony - Julie Stone, Ohio Head Start Association
01:03:11Q&A - Rep. Troy
01:03:51Q&A - Rep. White
01:05:39Testimony - Kelly Vyzral, Children's Defense Fund-Ohio
01:11:21Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:13:00Testimony - Hope Lane-Gavin, Ohio Association of Food Banks
01:20:20Testimony - Dustin McKee, Ohio Psychological Association
01:23:49Testimony - Kezia Ofosu Atta, Groundwork Ohio
01:27:30Testimony - Lisa Golden, Triple P America Inc.
01:34:30Testimony - Will Kuehnle, Catholic Conference of Ohio
01:42:58Testimony - Danielle Deleon Spires, Ohio Poverty Law Center
01:46:44Testimony - Tara Britton, The Center for Community Solutions
01:51:49Q&A - Rep. Richardson
01:52:39Q&A - Rep. Skindell
01:56:13Testimony - Amy Riegel, Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio
02:04:36Q&A - Rep. Miller
02:07:43H. B. No. 164
02:07:49Testimony - Kim Eckhart, Children's Defense Fund-Ohio
02:13:17Testimony - Caidyn Bearfield, The Ohio State University
02:20:15Q&A - Rep. Richardson
02:25:01Q&A - Rep. Jarrells
02:27:34Q&A - Rep. Hoops
02:30:50H. B. No. 181
02:30:54Testimony - Bryan Long, Ohio Recorders Association
02:35:18Testimony - Amy Riegel, Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio
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