00:00:02Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:02:22H. B. No. 49
00:02:42Testimony - Stephen Shur, Travel Technology Association
00:10:35Q&A - Rep. Gary Scherer
00:14:42Q&A - Rep. James Butler
00:19:22Testimony - Dr. Alan Levy, Ohio Psychiatric Physicians Association and Ohio State Medical Association
00:24:33Testimony - Barabara Partington, Citizen
00:29:05Q&A - Rep. Sarah LaTourette
00:30:54Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
00:34:33Q&A - Rep. Rogers
00:38:37Testimony - Tony Dunn, Belpre City School District
00:47:08Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
00:51:03Q&A - Rep. Miller
00:56:00Testimony - Dr. Thomas Tucker, Princeton City Schools
01:04:26Q&A - Rep. Sykes
01:06:41Testimony - Terry Armstrong, Lordstown City Schools
01:13:13Testimony - Kathi Powers, Twinsburg City Schools
01:27:42Q&A - Rep. Miller
01:30:04Testimony - Larke Recchie, Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging
01:35:40Q&A - Rep. Green
01:36:43Q&A - Rep. Sykes
01:39:10Q&A - Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk
01:41:40H. B. No. 28 - Vote
01:43:20H. B. No. 49
01:43:28Testimony - Gary Lee, Union County
01:48:48Q&A - Rep. Dan Ramos
01:49:39Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
01:51:25Q&A - Rep. Ardnt
01:53:22Testimony - Daniel Troy, Lake County
01:58:53Q&A - Rep. John Patterson
02:02:33Q&A - Rep. Rogers
02:04:46Testimony - Kerry Metzgen, Tuscarawas County
02:14:19Q&A - Rep. Jack Cera
02:14:52Testimony - Ron Amstutz, Wayne County
02:19:42Q&A - Rep. Ardnt
02:21:50Testimony - Tim Ward, Ohio Association of Elected Officials
02:27:04Q&A - Rep. O'Brien
02:29:29Q&A - Rep. Robert R. Cupp
02:31:55Q&A - Rep. Keith Faber
02:34:35Q&A - Rep. Ardnt
02:36:54Testimony - Mike Yoder, Logan County
02:46:37Q&A - Rep. Gary Scherer
02:47:45Testimony - Martin Ruano, Dish Network
02:56:40Testimony - Greg Saul, The Ohio Society of CPAs
03:07:01Q&A - Rep. Gary Scherer
03:14:09Testimony - Nichole Coleman, Ohio State Association of County Veterans Service Officers
03:16:28Q&A - Rep. Miller
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