00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:00:29H. B. No. 33
00:00:30Testimony - Kim Hauck, Director, Ohio Dept. of Developmental Disabilities
00:24:53Q&A - Rep. Hoops
00:31:54Q&A - Rep. Liston
00:41:00Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
00:47:06Q&A - Rep. McNally
00:51:01Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:00:54Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:01:49Testimony - Peter Moore, Ohio Provider Resource Association
01:06:50Testimony - Gary Tonks, The Arc of Ohio
01:12:51Testimony - Debbie Jenkins, Ohio Health Care Association
01:24:08Testimony - Adam Hermin, Ohio Association of County Boards of Developmental Disabilites
01:29:29Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:39:12Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:47:19Testimony - Christine Brown, Ohio Self Determination Association
01:52:52Q&A - Rep. Liston
01:56:13Testimony - Bill Adams, Interested Party
02:01:36Testimony - Matt O'Nesti, Interested Party
02:08:02Comments - Rep. Liston
02:09:13At Ease
02:09:18Testimony - Rebecca Sharp, Open Doors of Columbus
02:16:16Testimony - Steve Streng, Interested Party
02:17:28Testimony - Debbie Streng, Interested Party
02:25:12Testimony - Pam Drakeford, Open Door Columbus
02:30:28Testimony - Erin Forson, Union County Board of Developmental Disabilities
02:40:17Q&A - Rep. Hoops
02:51:40At Ease
02:51:48Testimony - Ashley Brocious, RT Industries
02:58:21Testimony - Dan Connors, St. Joseph Home
03:02:37Testimony - Stacey Browning, Interested Party
03:07:35Testimony - Bethany Toledo, Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals
03:13:07Testimony - Joshua Peterson, Interested Party
03:20:21Q&A - Rep. Hoops
03:21:40Testimony - Kara Wente, Governor's Office of Children's Initiative
03:33:18Q&A - Rep. Liston
03:41:32Q&A - Rep. McNally
03:42:29Q&A - Rep. Schmidt
03:43:59Q&A - Rep. Liston
03:48:02Testimony - Katie Kelly, Pre4cle
03:57:38Q&A - Rep. McNally
03:59:30Q&A - Rep. Liston
04:03:20Testimony - Lynanne Gutierrez, Groundwork Ohio
04:12:43Testimony - Mary Auch, PNC
04:18:40Testimony - Robin Lightcap, Preschool Promise Dayton & Montgomery County
04:23:17Testimony - Patricia Gleason, Learning Grove
04:28:25Testimony - Suzanne Prescott, Butler County Educational Services Center
04:35:29Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
04:40:25Testimony - Rebekah Johnson, Interested Party
04:47:14Testimony - Lori Jarvis, Interested Party
04:53:01Testimony - Holly Unger, Interested Party
04:59:40Q&A - Rep. Hoops
05:02:10Testimony - Mark Mecum, Ohio Children's Alliance
05:14:53Testimony - Matt Kresic, Cadence Care Network
05:19:19Testimony - Leigh Hall, Wingspan Care Group
05:27:13Testimony - Jodi Harding, Lighthouse Youth Services
05:31:58Q&A - Rep. Hoops
05:34:00Q&A - Rep. Liston
05:42:41Testimony - Angela Newman White, First Year Cleveland
05:50:18Q&A - Rep. Hoops
05:55:25Q&A - Rep. Carruthers
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