00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:19Roll Call
00:00:42H. B. No. 166
00:01:42Testimony - Amy Anderson, Senior Enrichment Services of the Neighborhood Alliance
00:05:18Q&A - Rep. West
00:07:53Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
00:08:10Q&A - Rep. Roemer
00:10:56Testimony - Dustin Holfinger, American Heart Association
00:18:54Q&A - Rep. West
00:20:22Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:21:37Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
00:22:58Testimony - Frank Weglarz, Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging
00:27:08Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
00:28:06Q&A - Rep. West
00:32:06Testimony - Duana Patton, Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging
00:44:09Q&A - Rep. West
00:49:20Q&A - Rep. Lipps
00:54:35Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:59:35Q&A - Rep. Romanchuk
01:03:24Testimony - Gayle Channing Tenenbaum, Children, Youth, and Family Advocate Center for Community Solutions
01:17:22Testimony - Mark Butler, Proponent
01:22:30Testimony - Rebecca McGovern, Proponent
01:27:35Testimony - Julie Callahan, Proponent
01:31:35Testimony - Jerry Freewalt, Office for Social Concerns of the 23-County Catholic Diocese of Columbus
01:38:46Testimony - Tamisha Mckenzie, Proponent
01:45:11Q&A - Rep. West
01:58:05Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:03:02Comments - Rep. West
02:03:34Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:11:05Q&A - Rep. Kelly
02:15:15Comments - Rep. Romanchuk
02:17:04Testimony - Lynn Williams, The Contact Center Staff Person
02:22:22Testimony - Portland Curry, Proponent
02:23:41Testimony - William Wallace, Proponent
02:26:01Testimony - Cassandra Barham, The Contact Center
02:29:36Q&A - Rep. West
02:33:54Q&A - Rep. Lipps
02:37:23Q&A - Rep. Kelly
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