00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:21Roll Call
00:01:20H. B. No. 41
00:01:28Testimony - Rep. Michael Skindell
00:03:36Q&A - Rep. Brennan
00:09:50Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:11:26Comment - Rep. Patton
00:12:00Q&A - Rep. Hoops
00:13:28H. B. No. 369
00:13:38Testimony - Rep. Michael Skindell
00:17:15H. B. No. 260
00:17:22Amendment - Rep. Seitz
00:20:36Testimony - Christopher Hollon, AES Ohio
00:23:59Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:30:14Q&A - Rep. Brennan
00:35:45Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:37:45Q&A - Rep. Stein
00:40:10Q&A - Rep. Seitz
00:41:04Q&A - Rep. Blasdel
00:43:11Q&A - Rep. Weinstein
00:45:38Sub. H. B. No. 197
00:45:52Testimony - Carlo Cavallaro, Coalition for Community Solar Access
00:54:43Testimony - Karl Rabago, Rabago Energy
01:02:06Q&A - Rep. Seitz
01:12:34Q&A - Rep. Stein
01:17:39Q&A - Rep. Brennan
01:22:04Q&A - Rep. Ray
01:24:10Q&A - Rep. Holmes
01:27:18Q&A - Rep. Hoops
01:30:53Testimony - Scott Elias, Clean Capital
01:37:38Testimony - John Henri, Dimension Renewable Energy
01:46:23Testimony - Tristan Rader, Solar United Neighbors
01:48:22Testimony - Tom Bullock, Citizens Utility Board of Ohio
01:56:01Testimony - Molly Bryden, Policy Matters Ohio
02:01:27At Ease
02:01:31Testimony - Cathy Cowan Becker, Ohio Sustainable Business Council
02:04:08Testimony - Janette McDonald, Proponent
02:08:34Testimony - Aaron Brown, IBEW
02:10:28Q&A - Rep. Stein
02:11:07Testimony - Greg Bambenek, IBEW
02:12:57Testimony - William Kuehnle, Catholic Conference of Ohio
02:15:18Testimony - Robert Kelter, Environmental Law and Policy Center
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