00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:01:01H. B. No. 442
00:01:11Testimony - Rep. Jason Stephens
00:03:21Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:06:14Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
00:08:26Testimony - Jessica Parks, NECCO
00:12:12Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
00:13:11Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:15:00Q&A - Rep. John
00:15:49Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:16:50Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
00:18:31Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:20:07Testimony - Mark Mecum, Ohio Children's Alliance
00:25:10Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:27:24Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:29:43Licensing Board Presentations
00:30:03Testimony - Kevin Riordian, State Fire Marshal Board
00:31:32Testimony - Danitra Butler, State Fire Marshal Board
00:35:11Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:36:42Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
00:39:01Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:40:10Testimony - Dr. Ron Ross, State Board of Psychology
00:44:49Q&A - Rep. Skindell
00:47:16Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
00:50:20Testimony - Alex Lapso, Ohio Department of Aging
00:57:26Q&A - Rep. Kelly
00:59:59Q&A - Rep. John
01:05:11Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
01:07:58Testimony - Charity Robl, Ohio Board of Nursing
01:15:15Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:17:38Q&A - Rep. Humphrey
01:18:38Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:20:47Q&A - Rep. Dean
01:21:16Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
01:23:03Testimony - Steven Schierholt, Board of Pharmacy
01:29:29Q&A - Rep. John
01:34:54Q&A - Rep. Fowler Arthur
01:39:38Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:47:00Q&A - Rep. Skindell
01:49:20Testimony - Greg Thornton, Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board
01:56:16Q&A - Rep. Wiggam
01:58:25Testimony - Sean McCullough, Common Sense Initiative
02:08:34Comments - Rep. Wiggam
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