00:00:00Convene Sub Committee: Auditor of State Referral Letter
00:00:05Roll Call
00:00:55Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:02:50Statement: Jeff Bernard
00:05:00Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:06:10Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:06:45Statement: Jeff Bernard
00:08:40Statement: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:09:50Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:10:45Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:11:20Statement: Jeff Bernard
00:13:25Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:14:45Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:15:15Statement: Alex Strickmaker
00:16:30Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:17:20Statement: Alex Strickmaker
00:18:40Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:20:10Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:23:50Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
00:24:25Statement: Jeff Bernard
00:25:15Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:28:25Statement: Jeff Bernard
00:29:00Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
00:29:25Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:30:00Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
00:30:25Statement: Alex Strickmaker
00:32:40Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:33:25Q&A: Ed Montgomery
00:33:45Statement: Alex Strickmaker
00:34:10Statement: Exe. Dir. William Neville
00:34:25Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:34:55Statement: Alex Strickmaker
00:35:15Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
00:35:50Statement: Dir. Bethany Rhodes
00:36:35Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
00:37:15Statement: Dir. Bethany Rhodes
00:38:20Vote: Auditor of State Referral Letter
00:38:50Adjourn Sub Committee: Auditor of State Referral Letter
00:38:52Convene Sub Committee: ORSC Actuary and Consulting Services Report
00:39:00Roll Call
00:39:20Statement: Rep. Phil Plummer
00:39:25Statement: Alex Strickmaker
00:40:40Vote: ORSC Actuary and Consulting Services Report
00:40:55Adjourn: Sub Committee: ORSC Actuary and Consulting Services Report
00:41:00Convene ORS Committee
00:41:10Roll Call
00:42:05New Member Sweating In: Sen. Mark Romanchuk
00:42:25Election of committee chair
00:43:25Statement: Sen. Mark Romanchuk
00:44:15Point of Personal Privilege: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:45:10Corrections: Sen. Mark Romanchuk
00:46:15Announcements: Sen. Mark Romanchuk
00:46:25Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:47:40Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
00:48:00Actuary and Consulting Services Contract
00:48:15Statement: Rep. Phil Plummer
00:49:45Auditor of State Referral Letter
00:49:50Statement: Ed Montgomery
00:51:00H. B. No. 94 Recommenadations
00:51:10Report: Jeff Bernard
00:59:15Q&A: Dr. Anthony Podojil
01:00:30Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:01:10Statement: Dir. Bethany Rhodes
01:01:35Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
01:01:50Statement: Jeff Bernard
01:02:35Statement: Dir. Mary Beth Foley
01:02:55Motion: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:03:30H. B. No. 257 Recommendations
01:03:35Report: Jeff Bernard
01:04:50Motion: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:05:20H. B. No. 78 Recommendations
01:05:25Report: Jeff Bernard
01:06:40Statement: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:07:40Budgets: Sen. Mark Romanchuk
01:08:35OPERS Budget: Jennifer Starr, CFO
01:13:00Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:13:50Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
01:16:35OP&F Budget: Dir. Mary Beth Foley
01:17:25Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:18:15Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
01:19:50SERS Budget: Mr. Fike
01:21:00Q&A: Rep. Adam Bird
01:22:20Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:23:10Issue Brief Update: Jeff Bernard
01:23:45Q&A: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:24:10Rules: Alex Strickmaker
01:24:55Old or New Business
01:25:05Motion: Rep. Mary Lightbody
01:26:052nd Motion: Rep. Adam Bird
01:28:05Q&A: Dr. Anthony Podojil
01:29:25Statement: Ed Montgomery
01:31:30Vote on Motion
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