00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:05Roll Call
00:00:35H. B. No. 33
00:01:16Testimony - Kathleen Madden, Director, Ohio Department of Administrative Services
00:15:35Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
00:20:02Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
00:24:29Q&A - Sen. Landis
00:25:35Testimony - Patricia Harris, Ohio Department of Taxation
00:40:17Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
00:50:14Q&A - Sen. Landis
00:52:06Testimony - Zack Prouty, Treasurer of State
00:55:03Testimony - Kathleen M. Crowley, Ohio Board of Tax Appeals
01:01:35Q&A - Sen. Landis
01:02:08Testimony - Evan Callicoat, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
01:10:16Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
01:13:48Testimony - Joe Antram, Logan County Board of Commissioners
01:18:54Testimony - Karen Raymore, Hocking Hills Tourism Association
01:22:17Testimony - Roger Smith, Ohio Fair Managers Association
01:28:11Testimony - Michael J. Budzik, Ohio Sportsmen Coalition
01:36:42Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
01:37:35Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:38:15Testimony - Jim Samuel, Ohio Water Partnership
01:41:56Testimony - Andrew Bashaw, Buckeye Trail Association
01:46:48Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:48:01Testimony - Dennis Mintus, Interested Party
01:53:36Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
01:54:36Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
01:56:57Testimony - Donald K. Wagner, Ohio Horseman Council
02:01:13Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
02:02:04Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:02:18Testimony - Frances Kern Mennone, Ohio Trails Partnership and The Ohio River Way
02:05:23Testimony - Captain Heather Sands, Valley Gem Sternwheeler
02:10:10Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:10:24Testimony - Amber Fagan, Indian Lake Area Chamber of Commerce
02:12:40Q&A - Sen. Schaffer
02:13:22Q&A - Sen. Wilkin
02:14:04Q&A - Sen. Hicks Hudson
02:15:04Testimony - Raymond Bohac, Cranberry Resort
02:21:41Testimony - James Savage, Interested Party
02:28:15Q&A - Sen. O'Brien
02:32:37Testimony - Michelle Burke, Lake Erie Marine Trades Association and Boating Associations of Ohio
02:42:16Q&A - Sen. Landis
02:42:40Testimony - Ty McBee, Ohio Mountain Bike Alliance of Ohio Trail Partnership
02:46:55Q&A - Sen. Landis
02:47:36Testimony - Thomas M. Green, Ohio Trails Partnership and Ohio Horsemen's Council
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