00:00:00Convene Session
00:00:02Roll Call
00:00:27S. B. No. 144
00:00:34S. B. No. 144 - Vote
00:01:06Am. H. B. No. 47
00:01:23Testimony - Paul Sparling, Smart Heart Sports Coalition
00:07:08Testimony - Nicole Ward, Make Them Know Your Name Foundation
00:11:17Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:14:05Testimony - Pamela Dickman, Proponent
00:18:12Testimony - Canen Dickman, Proponent
00:18:50Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:20:58Testimony - Jennifer Dunaway, Proponent
00:25:30Testimony - Joshua Dunaway, Proponent
00:27:47Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:30:33Testimony - TJ Carrie, TJ Carrie Foundation
00:34:11Testimony - Ralen Cleveland, The Columbus Academy
00:37:28Q&A - Sen. Ingram
00:37:56Comment - Sen. Huffman
00:38:27Testimony - Richard Roll, Proponent
00:40:53Testimony - Jon Sprunger, Worthington Kilbourne High School
00:47:37Testimony - Rachelle Cook, Proponent
00:53:47Testimony - Teri Watson, Community Heart Watch / Fairfield Medical Center
00:57:15Q&A - Sen. Huffman
00:57:57Testimony - Jon Divine. MD,MS, American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM)
01:07:00Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:09:18Testimony - Stephanie Kornet, 4Alec Foundation
01:18:14Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:19:26Testimony - John Lazarus, MD, Fairfield Medical Center / Community Heart Watch
01:22:40Comment - Sen. Huffman
01:22:52Testimony - Lindsay Davis, Proponent
01:30:05Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:32:18Testimony - Matt Mangine, Matthew Mangine Jr. "OneShot" Foundation
01:36:13Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:37:35Testimony - Gerry Rishel, OATA
01:42:17Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:44:51Testimony - Sarah McGraw-Thinnes, Lancaster City Schools
01:48:41Comment - Sen. Ingram
01:49:11Testimony - Cory Paul, American Red Cross
01:50:48Testimony - Donald Lynch, MD, MSCI, Association of Black Cardiologists
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