00:00:01S. C. R. No. 14
00:00:28Testimony - David Lemoyne Jones
00:05:58Comments - Sen. Burke
00:06:11Comments - Sen. Kunze
00:07:45Comments - Sen. Thomas
00:10:12Testimony - Derrick Clay, New Visions Group LLC
00:19:00Q&A - Sen. Maharath
00:20:23Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:23:49Testimony - Angela Dawson, Ohio Commission on Minority Health
00:36:47Q&A - Sen. Thomas
00:40:45Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:45:23Comments - Sen. Kunze
00:47:13Q&A - Sen. Huffman
00:53:18Testimony - Gary Daniels, ACLU
00:57:05Testimony - A. J. Harris
01:00:53Comments - Sen. Thomas
01:02:05Testimony - Helen M. Sheehan
01:07:57Testimony - Abena Minta, OSUCOM SNMA Chapter
01:12:11Q&A - Sen. Burke
01:15:30Q&A - Sen. Maharath
01:19:03Testimony - Talithia Martin, North East Ohio Young Democrats
01:26:55Q&A - Sen. Burke
01:28:12Testimony - Jenny Deluca
01:33:35Testimony - William Canterberry, SouthEastern Ohio Legal Services
01:41:21Testimony - Sarah Hawley
01:47:40Q&A - Sen. Burke
01:51:58Q&A - Sen. Maharath
01:54:35Q&A - Sen. Thomas
01:57:27Testimony - Simran Chahal, American Medical Association- MSS at OSUCOM
02:01:45Q&A - Sen. Burke
02:03:54Q&A - Sen. Thomas
02:06:12Testimony - Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, The Ohio Council of Churches
02:14:34Testimony - Ellice Park, Counseling Care Circle
02:31:48Q&A - Sen. Maharath
02:34:47Testimony - Brandi Slaughter, NAACP
02:43:55Comments - Sen. Burke
02:44:45Q&A - Sen. Maharath
02:47:05Testimony - Shibani Chettri, Public Health Graduate Student Association and the Public Health Interest Group in the College of Medicine at The Ohio State University
02:51:30Testimony - Sat Kartar Khalsa
02:55:55Testimony - Shreekari Tadepalli, OSUCOM
03:05:48Q&A - Sen. Antonio
03:09:10Testimony - Dr. Colleen Waickman
03:14:57Testimony - Jeniece Brock, Ohio Young Black Democrats
03:19:55Q&A - Sen. Burke
03:20:15Comments - Sen. Antonio
03:22:03Comments - Sen. Burke
03:23:02Q&A - Sen. Maharath
03:26:16Comments - Sen. Thomas
03:27:57Testimony - Deborah Fadoju, Ohio State University College of Medicine Student National Medical Association
03:32:11Q&A - Sen. Antonio
03:32:48Q&A - Sen. Thomas
03:35:10Testimony - Youn Ju Shin, OSUCOM
03:38:53Q&A - Sen. Maharath
03:41:14Testimony - Jean-Philippe Dorval, Prevention Action Alliance
03:45:28Comments - Sen. Burke
03:46:56Testimony - Rosa Beltre, Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence
03:52:40Q&A - Sen. Maharath
03:53:40Testimony - Keizayla Fambro, Proponent
03:57:28Q&A - Sen. Thomas
03:59:20Comments - Sen. Burke
04:00:56Q&A - Sen. Antonio
04:04:13Comments - Sen. Kunze
04:05:25Testimony - Gabe Crenshaw
04:08:31Q&A - Sen. Maharath
04:09:34Testimony - Lynanne Gutierrez, Groundwork Ohio
04:14:53Q&A - Sen. Thomas
04:18:55Testimony - Tim Young, Office of the Ohio Public Defender
04:29:45Comments - Sen. Burke
04:30:00Q&A - Sen. Lehner
04:34:14Q&A - Sen. Thomas
04:39:20Testimony - Rosalia Stadler, Franklin County Treasurers Office
04:42:02Testimony - MiKayla Bivens, Franklin County Treasurers Office
04:44:28Q&A - Sen. Thomas
04:49:03Q&A - Sen. Antonio
04:52:57Testimony - Kristin Bryant, Bryant Law Office LLC
05:13:11Q&A - Sen. Maharath
05:16:37Testimony - Michael Murphy
05:20:03Comments - Sen. Maharath
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