00:00:01Convene Session
00:00:01Roll Call
00:00:37S. B. No. 239
00:01:08Testimony - Brian Hill, Former State Senator
00:05:22Testimony - Judge Jan Long, Ohio Judicial Conference
00:10:03Q&A - Sen. Manning
00:12:07Comments - Sen. Eklund
00:13:04Testimony - Cladette Ross
00:20:30Q&A - Sen. Manning
00:21:39S. B. No. 247
00:21:49Testimony - Sen. Tim Schaffer
00:26:09Testimony - Sen. Teresa Fedor
00:30:27Q&A - Sen. Lehner
00:33:02Sub. H. B. No. 236
00:33:24Testimony - Staff Lieutenant Kevin Miller, Ohio Highway Patrol
00:37:56Sub. H. B. No. 236 - Vote
00:38:22S. B. No. 205
00:38:39Testimony - Amy Beichler, Public Animal Welfare Society of Ohio
00:44:43Testimony - Corey Roscoe, Human Society of the United States
00:47:56Testimony - Vicki Deisner, Animal Welfare Institute
00:51:11Testimony - Sharon Harvey, Cleveland Animal Protective League
01:01:17Q&A - Sen. Lehner
01:03:43Testimony - Lori Carlson, Licking County Humane Society
01:09:42Q&A - Sen. Fedor
01:11:43Q&A - Sen. Lehner
01:14:33H. B. No. 209
01:14:50Testimony - Charles "Chip" Brigham, Ohio Land Title Association
01:22:38Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:24:58Testimony - Monica Russell, Ohio Land Title Association
01:32:47Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:37:33Testimony - Corey Fleming, Ohio Credit Union League
01:40:13Sub. H. B. No. 251
01:40:28Testimony - Chris Murphy, Ohio Receivables Management Association
01:43:00Q&A - Sen. Eklund
01:46:53Testimony - Micheal Slodov, Ohio Creditor's Attorneys Association
01:52:52Testimony - Ann Marie Sferra, Ohio Alliance for Civil Justice
01:58:50Q&A - Sen. Eklund
02:00:52Testimony - Kimberly Klemenok, Encore Managing Attorney
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