00:00:00Reconvene Session
00:00:39Testimony - Timothy Kobie, Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council's Investor Working Group
00:04:20Testimony - Ashley King, United Way of Greater Cleveland
00:09:25Testimony - Gus Frangos, President, Cuyahoga Land Bank
00:14:43Testimony - Sally Martin O'Toole, VAPAC Delinquent Tax Working Group
00:21:01Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:23:01Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
00:23:58Comment - Sen. Antonio
00:24:59Testimony - Angela Newman White, First Year Cleveland
00:29:33Comment - Sen. Craig
00:30:12Testimony - Josiah Quarles, Northeast Ohio Coalition of the Homeless
00:38:08Q&A - Sen. Antonio
00:39:27Q&A - Sen. Brenner
00:40:38Testimony - Enzo Perfetto, President, Ohio Home Builders Association
00:44:05Testimony - Austin Cummings, VAPAC Housing Affordability and Stability Working Group
00:48:10Testimony - Kevin Nowack, CEO, CHN Housing Partners
00:53:32Testimony - Jennifer Davis, Neighborhood Development Services
00:57:38Q&A - Sen. Smith
00:58:33Testimony - Monique Winston, Ohio Realtist Association
01:05:15Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:08:47Testimony - Michael Sering, Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
01:13:12Testimony - Tania Menesse, Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
01:17:56Comment - Sen. Smith
01:18:20Testimony - Edward Stockhausen, Cleveland Neighborhood Progess
01:23:53Testimony - Orion Bell, Benjamin Rose
01:28:24Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:32:48Testimony - Zach Schiller, Policy Matters Ohio
01:37:24Q&A - Sen. Antonio
01:40:17Q&A - Sen. Smith
01:42:14Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:43:36Testimony - Evan O'Reilly, Northern Ohioans for Budget Legislation Equality
01:49:07Testimony - Che Gadison, On Behalf of Cheryl Pritchard
01:55:12Q&A - Sen. Cirino
01:59:55Comment - Sen. Smith
02:00:37Testimony - Loh, Interested Party
02:10:38Comment - Sen. Reynolds
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