00:00:02Convene Session
00:00:06Roll Call
00:01:00Comments - Sen. Reynolds
00:02:50Testimony - Billy Weber, Assistant Manager, City of Cincinnati
00:06:34Testimony - Erica Faaborg, Deputy City Solicitor of Cincinnati
00:14:44Testimony - Philip Denning, Cincinnati Port Authority
00:21:14Testimony - Bobby Maly, The Model Group
00:29:08Testimony - Luke Blocher, Cincinnati Development Fund
00:37:15Q&A - Sen. Blessing
00:42:55Q&A - Sen. Lang
00:48:48Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
00:51:56Q&A - Sen. Craig
01:00:19Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:03:28Q&A - Sen. Blessing
01:06:55Testimony - Moira Weir, United Way of Greater Cincinnati
01:10:50Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
01:11:45Testimony - Constance Strauss, Hamilton County Resident
01:16:12Q&A - Sen. Blessing
01:18:23Testimony - Donna Butler, Hamilton County Resident
01:24:51Testimony - Mitch Deck, Housing Opportunities Make Equal of Greater Cincinnati
01:30:40Testimony - Jim Shapiro, Ohio Realtors Association of Greater Cincinnati
01:36:04Q&A - Sen. Blessing
01:39:31Testimony - Tiffani Ray, Ohio Realtors Association of Greater Cincinnati
01:47:50Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
01:49:18Q&A - Sen. Ingram
01:51:10Testimony - Denise Driehaus, Hamilton County Commissioner
01:55:23Q&A - Sen. Craig
01:57:11Testimony - Jenna Hippensteel, Community Matters
01:59:52Testimony - Mary Delaney, Community Matters
02:04:41Q&A - Sen. Craig
02:05:33Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
02:06:28Testimony - Rachel Hastings, Price Hill Will
02:11:22Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:14:06Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
02:14:49Testimony - Ric Johnson, CAPS Builder
02:20:34Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:21:44Testimony - Barry Tiffany, Sugarcreek Township
02:27:31Q&A - Sen. Ingram
02:29:53Testimony - Matthew Strauss, Cincinnati Hamilton County Community Action Agency
02:35:10Testimony - Anne Zimmerman, Sunstone Life, Inc.
02:39:23Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
02:45:16Testimony - John Morris, Miami Township Trustee
02:50:28Q&A - Sen. Blessing
02:53:28Comments - Sen. Reynolds
02:54:42Testimony - Barbara Isemann, On Our Way Home, Inc.
03:01:30Q&A - Sen. Blessing
03:05:45Q&A - Sen. Craig
03:08:53Testimony - Kristen Baker, LISC Cincinnati
03:16:53Q&A - Sen. Blessing
03:19:00Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:21:58Testimony - Christine Miles, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health
03:31:13Q&A - Sen. Ingram
03:33:18Testimony - Shawn Carvin, Ohio Land Banks Association
03:39:10Testimony - Mike Grauwelman, Montgomery County Land Reutilization Association
03:54:25Q&A - Sen. Ingram
04:02:01Q&A - Sen. Reynolds
04:08:56Q&A - Sen. Craig
04:10:37Comments - Sen. Reynolds
04:11:27Testimony - Lloyd Cobble, Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Apartment Association
04:22:03Q&A - Sen. Craig
04:26:34Q&A - Sen. Ingram
04:37:50Testimony - Brandon Rudd, Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
04:43:39Q&A - Sen. Ingram
04:48:10Testimony - Jason M. Wisniewski, Fischer Homes & Grand Communities
04:55:41Q&A - Sen. Ingram
05:00:13Comments - Sen. Reynolds
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