00:00:04Roll Call
00:02:59Testimony - Kevin Ritter, Washington County Board of Commissioners
00:08:36Testimony - Robin Bozian, Washington County Homeless Project
00:14:24Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
00:15:32Q&A - Sen. Hearcel F. Craig
00:17:13Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
00:20:18Testimony - Jesse Roush, Southeastern Ohio Port Authority
00:28:00Q&A - Sen. Hearcel F. Craig
00:29:39Testimony - Ryan Maxwell, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services
00:41:49Testimony - Peggy Lee, Southeastern Ohio Legal Services
00:52:05Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
00:54:11Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
00:58:11Testimony - Kenneth J. Oehlers III, Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio
01:06:06Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
01:07:19Q&A - Sen. Terry Johnson
01:12:34Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
01:14:32Q&A - Sen. Hearcel F. Craig
01:16:20Testimony - Don Mason, Mayor of Zanesville, Ohio
01:25:52Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
01:28:35Testimony - Steve Patterson, Mayor of Athens, Ohio
01:36:37Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
01:38:58Testimony - Jennifer Lyle, Mayor of New Concord, Muskingum County
01:49:25Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
01:51:42Testimony - Megan Riddlebarger, Corporation for Ohioan Appalachian Development (COAD)
01:57:37Testimony - Julie Bolen, Ross County Community Action and Ross County Continuum of Care
02:04:39Q&A - Sen. Michele Reynolds
02:05:16Testimony - David Brightbill, Washinton-Morgan Counties Community Action
02:11:18Testimony - Ronald Gombeda, Interested Party
02:16:14Testimony - Dave Wilson, Guernsey County Commissioner
02:20:17Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
02:22:15Testimony - Sandra Plantz, Gallia County Local Schools
02:37:39Q&A - Sen. Hearcel F. Craig
02:39:41Testimony - Ed Good, Township Trustee, Mead Township, Belmont County
02:46:28Q&A - Sen. Andrew O. Brenner
02:47:46Testimony - Lena Wilson, Golden Hearts for the Voiceless
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