00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Brian, Grace Baptist Church, Cedarville, OH
00:01:49Journal of Previous Day
00:02:19Recognition Troy Balderson
00:03:14Recognition Michael Skindell
00:03:53Recognition Frank LaRose
00:05:02Recognition Tom Sawyer
00:06:58Recognition Thomas Patton
00:13:12Consideration of House Amendment - SB 139Jim Hughes
00:16:19Conference Committee Report - SB 70Keith FaberTim SchafferMichael Skindell
00:21:16Third Consideration - HB 50Tim Schaffer
00:25:47Third Consideration - HB 197Mark WagonerJoe Schiavoni
00:32:32Third Consideration - HB 274Larry Obhof
00:36:00Third Consideration - HB 279Scott OelslagerKevin BaconScott OelslagerKevin BaconScott Oelslager
00:45:47Third Consideration - HB 280Bill Seitz
00:54:21Recognition Charleta B. Tavares
00:54:59Third Consideration - HB 284Cliff HiteFrank LaRoseCapri Cafaro
01:00:17Third Consideration - HB 458William P. ColeyCliff Hite
01:06:37Recognition Mark Wagoner
01:07:15Third Consideration - HB 472Tim SchafferNina Turner
01:17:17Third Consideration - HB 492Scott OelslagerTim Schaffer
01:22:12Third Consideration - HB 532Chris Widener
01:27:10Third Consideration - HB 543Gayle ManningCharleta B. TavaresJohn EklundThomas Patton
01:37:34Third Consideration - HB 555Peggy LehnerTom SawyerPeggy LehnerTom SawyerPeggy LehnerJoe SchiavoniCapri CafaroPeggy LehnerEric KearneyTom SawyerShannon JonesMichael SkindellShirley A. SmithPeggy LehnerEric Kearney
02:38:11Recognition Charleta B. Tavares
02:42:04Third Consideration - HB 606Joe SchiavoniThomas PattonMichael SkindellJim Hughes
02:55:33Recognition Tom Niehaus
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