00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Douglas Meyer, St. John's Lutheran Church, Celina, OHTom Niehaus
00:15:11Swearing In Swearing in of Randy Gardner as Senator of District 2
00:17:02Swearing In Swearing in of Joseph Uecker as Senator of District 14
00:18:24Swearing In Bill Coley, Bill Seitz and Chris Widener
00:20:35Swearing In Keith Faber, Hughes and John Eklund
00:22:20Swearing In Troy Balderson, Larry Obhof, Patton and Dave Burke
00:24:46Swearing In Cliff Hite, Kevin Bacon and Bill Beagle
00:26:59Swearing In Jones, Manning and Peterson
00:28:49Swearing In Jordan, Frank LaRose, Scott Oelslager and Schaffer
00:30:27Swearing In Sawyer, Lou Gentile and Capri S. Cafaro
00:32:42Swearing In Eric Kearney, Brown and Charleta B. Tavares
00:34:54Swearing In Smith, Michael J. Skindell, Nina Turner and Joe Schiavoni
00:36:56Swearing In Election of Senator Keith Faber to Office of PresidentJim Hughes
00:45:09Swearing In Election of Senator Chris Widener to Office of President Pro TemCliff Hite
00:51:10Swearing In Election of Senator Patton to Office of Majority Floor LeaderJohn Eklund
01:00:07Swearing In Election of Senator Larry Obhof to Office of Majority WhipBill Seitz
01:08:54Swearing In Election of Senator Eric Kearney to Office of Minority LeaderJoe SchiavoniCapri Cafaro
01:13:36Swearing In Election of Senator Joe Schiavoni to Office of Assistant Minority LeaderLou Gentile
01:17:48Swearing In Election of Senator Nina Turner to Office of Minority WhipCharleta B. Tavares
01:22:51Swearing In Election of Senator Brown to Office of Assistant Minority WhipMichael Skindell
01:26:33Swearing In Eric Kearney, Joe Schiavoni, Nina Turner and Brown
01:28:40Swearing In Election and Swearing-in of Vincent Keeran as Clerk of the SenateKeith FaberEric Kearney
01:33:47Recognition Keith Faber
01:47:19Recognition Alliance Chorus and the singing of God Bless America
01:49:17Resolution - SR 1Chris Widener
01:51:17Resolution - SR 2Chris Widener
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