00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Reverend Thomas Wise, Valleyview Church, Dayton, OH
00:01:48Journal of Previous Day
00:02:06Point of Personal Privilege Senator Joe Schiavoni recognizing the Youngstown State University baseball team on winning its first NCAA tournament game.Joe Schiavoni
00:04:35Point of Personal Privilege Senator Kevin Bacon honoring Lynda Murray on her retirement from the Ohio Library Council.Kevin Bacon
00:07:20Point of Personal Privilege Senator Lou Gentile recognizing Ms. Emi Olin for winning the Ohio "Google Doodle" competition.Lou Gentile
00:10:50Point of Personal Privilege Senator Patton recognizing Nathan Griffin for winning the State Championship in Division I Boys Tennis.Thomas Patton
00:13:22Point of Personal Privilege SEnator Bill Coley recognizing the Miami University women's figure skating team on winning the 2014 National Championship.William P. Coley
00:16:02Point of Personal Privilege Shannon Jones
00:23:25Reconsideration - HB 292Frank LaRose
00:29:20Consideration of House Amendment - SB 3Frank LaRose
00:33:05Consideration of House Amendment - SB 43Dave Burke
00:34:56Consideration of House Amendment - SB 230Gayle ManningScott Oelslager
00:40:37Consideration of House Amendment - SB 263Bill Beagle
00:43:17Conference Committee Report - HB 483Scott OelslagerCharleta B. TavaresTom SawyerScott OelslagerKeith Faber
01:16:25Conference Committee Report - HB 487Chris WidenerPeggy LehnerTom SawyerPeggy LehnerTom SawyerRandy Gardner
01:39:46Point of Personal Privilege Shirley A. Smith
01:40:38Point of Personal Privilege Frank LaRose
01:42:34Third Consideration - SB 207Thomas PattonGayle ManningNina TurnerJohn Eklund
01:58:45Third Consideration - HB 105Shannon Jones
02:02:09Third Consideration - HB 309John EklundEric KearneyLarry Obhof
02:11:41Third Consideration - HB 486Larry Obhof
02:12:30Third Consideration - HB 488Frank LaRoseCharleta B. TavaresFrank LaRoseLou Gentile
02:31:50Third Consideration - HB 533Eric KearneyBill Seitz
02:42:01Third Consideration - SB 84Eric Kearney
02:47:48Third Consideration - SB 233Jim Hughes
02:52:51Third Consideration - SB 252Thomas PattonEdna BrownFrank LaRose
03:03:31Third Consideration - SB 255Edna Brown
03:08:52Third Consideration - SB 316Capri CafaroJim HughesWilliam P. ColeyShannon JonesLarry ObhofBill Seitz
03:29:22Introduction of Bills
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