00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Father Michael Lumpe, St. Catharine's Church, Bexley, OH
00:01:28Journal of Previous Day
00:01:54Recognition Joe Schiavoni
00:02:20Recognition William P. Coley
00:03:34Recognition Shannon Jones
00:04:05Recognition Dave Burke
00:04:54Recognition Senator Manning recognizing the City of Oberlin as one of America's Best Intergenerational Communities.Gayle Manning
00:09:45Recognition Senator Peggy Lehner recognizing the Northmont Academic Challenge Team as State Champions for the 2011-2012 school year.Peggy Lehner
00:12:49Recognition Thomas Patton
00:13:14Recognition Shirley A. Smith
00:13:39Recognition Troy Balderson
00:14:15Recognition Senator Lou Gentile recognizing Dan Monteroso as the 2011-2012 Division II Eastern District and Co-State player of the year.Lou Gentile
00:16:36Recognition Senator Cliff Hite recognizing Findlay "We the People" for winning the We the People competition.Cliff Hite
00:18:46Recognition Senator Keith Faber recognizing Drew on his World Championship
00:20:53Recognition Senator Peterson recognizing Corrections Officer William Bauer as the Ohio Department of Corrections Officer of the Year.Bob Peterson
00:23:08Reports Cliff HiteJoe Schiavoni
00:30:55Conference Committee Report - HB 487Chris WidenerTom SawyerEric KearneyKeith FaberEric Kearney
00:48:50Recognition Senator Keith Faber recognizing Drew Lovejoy as a two-time international champion in Irish dancing.Keith Faber
00:51:30Third Consideration - HB 292Thomas PattonScott Oelslager
01:00:40Third Consideration - HB 408Bill SeitzEric Kearney
01:04:53Third Consideration - HB 490Kris JordanFrank LaRoseNina TurnerKeith FaberNina Turner
01:14:48Third Consideration - HB 509Kris JordanNina TurnerKris JordanNina TurnerKris JordanMichael SkindellKeith Faber
01:27:19Third Consideration - SB 337Keith Faber
01:28:19Third Consideration - SB 345Tom NiehausEric Kearney
01:34:03Introduction of Bills
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